2009 Asia Pacific International Chemical Industry Exhibition - International Chemical Industry Exhibition, oil and chemical - chemical industry

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Subject: work together and face challenges together! Concept of sustainable development strategies, promoting the development of the modern chemical industry!

Purpose of the conference: the chemical industry has become a modern society, one of the most important industry, are faced with energy, resources and environment crisis. "Fifth China-US Chemical Engineering, Environmental Protection and Biotechnology Exhibition and Conference," The purpose is: to enable academic scientists and industry engineers to share experiences, exchange ideas, new viewpoints, and research and all other areas of chemical engineering problem; discuss the challenges and practical solutions to be effective, highlighting "sustainable development" theme of the meeting. Fifth China-US Chemical Engineering, Environmental Protection and Biotechnology Exhibition and Conference will provide a good platform for China, the United States and other countries and regions to work together.

To accomplishing this will be: understand the development of the window shows the chemical industry; cultivation of China's chemical industry Economy Development boosters; participation and integration into the Chinese chemical industry, the best way; to build production, management, sales and consumer interactive bridge; display themselves and develop themselves, an excellent opportunity to meet the self; build corporate image, cultivate Brand, promote enterprise product positions; exchange information, communication industry, a feel, look for business opportunities, the main channel; build unity, cooperation, fair competition, mutual benefit and common development platform.

Approved by: The People's Republic of China Ministry of Science and Technology

Authority: CAST Supporters: China Chemical Industry in various professional committees, provincial and local Society

Organizer: Asia Pacific League of China Chemical Industry Institute of Chemical Engineering American Chemical Society

Supporters: China Chemical Industry in various professional committees, provincial and local Society

Overseas support: A PC ChE members of the group of the International Chemical Union International Institute for Environment and Development International Council of Chemical Associations

International Society of Chemical Ecology International Association of Asian Chemical Corrosion of Chemical Engineering North American Union

Film Society of North America-wide Chemical Engineering Union, the European Chemical Industry Council of Europe

Russia, N. D. Zelinsky Organic Germany GBM Chemical Society Chemical Manufacturers Association of Canada

Sponsor: Pine Si Feike International Exhibition (Beijing) Co., Ltd.

Sponsor: Advertising Co., Ltd. Tianjin New Division


Official website: www.apcche.siteem.com

Schedule: report (exhibit): 11-12 October 2009 Opening: at 9 o'clock on the October 13, 2009

Academic activities and exhibition: 13-15 October 2009 closing and moving out: at 16 o'clock on the October 15, 2009

Xu Yan U.S. Financial crisis Since September 2008 Since the outbreak has spread to the world, forming the world's financial crisis. Although the financial crisis on China's economy had some impact, but the impact of the crisis on China is limited, controllable. Financial crisis to some extent inhibited the growth of Chinese economy, but on the other hand, the outbreak of the financial crisis, the world prices of energy and resources downward trend, China can use the world's energy and resource prices lower this favorable opportunity for economic development. The Chinese government has taken measures to cope with external shocks, efforts to maintain economic stability, financial stability, capital market stability, the Chinese government is also working to speed up production and sales within the foreign trade enterprises innovative docking mechanism to further prosperity of the domestic consumer market, stimulate domestic demand.

Is facing many difficulties and challenges, but in the current financial crisis, China's chemical industry has a major development opportunity:

First, the development of China's domestic chemical industry is better overall environment, the product market potential; Second, the policy of stimulating domestic demand for the chemical industry to develop new markets; Third, the chemical industry globalization, the international chemical industry in China management created the conditions for the acceleration of global economic integration, international cooperation in the form of a more diversified, raw materials procurement and product sales channels expand, expand overseas markets for the Chinese chemical industry, to participate in international competition and provide favorable conditions for the vast stage; Fourth, the possibility of introducing technology to further increase, with China's chemical industry, the continuous emergence of new scientific research results, the continuous improvement of production levels, continuously enhance enterprise competitiveness, market share continues to expand, foreign technology to China The transfer has also begun its growth trend; fifth, raw material prices, investment in fixed assets for production and created good conditions. Weakening global economic situation, international oil prices continued to dive, not only that, domestic and foreign chemical raw materials, steel, cement and other commodity prices continued to fall, the decline in prices of raw materials for the chemical industry's production and reduce costs of investment in fixed assets created good condition.

"2009 Asia Pacific International Chemical Industry Exhibition", "the sixth Sino-US Chemical Engineering Forum & Exhibition", "the sixtieth anniversary of the founding of the outcome of Chemical Industry Exhibition" will be effective reorganization of resources, focus on the new display equipment in China Chemical Industry and technology products for scientific research institutions, production enterprises, traders and end-consumer customers with a technology transfer, financing, trade, exchange of learning platform, designed to further stimulate domestic demand to help you achieve a new round of trade and cross docking.

---- Asia-Pacific International Chemical Industry Exhibition: Asia-Pacific region's largest chemical organizations in the exhibition organized by the Conference, with a fixed number of well-known corporations and professional development experts to come;

---- The fifth China-US Chemical Engineering, Environmental Protection and Biotechnology Exhibition and Conference: Chinese Chemical Society one of the key activities, ACS (American Chemical Society American Chemical Society) has more than 160,000 members, is the world's largest technology association, and is the world's leading provider of authoritative scientific and technical information to one, ACS walking around the front of the global chemical industry and is the world chemists, chemical engineers and related professionals, the first base;

---- Sixtieth anniversary of the founding of the outcome of Chemical Industry Exhibition: Ji, 60 birthday, focus on displaying the founding of 60 years, especially since the reform and opening up 30 years the chemical industry in China made great achievements in the modern chemical industry cluster in China the latest equipment, technologies and products;

---- School Si Feike International Exhibition: through with many international trade association (Association) resources of good cooperation, the three activities combined in one, and expanding the scale of the exhibition, by

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2009 Asia Pacific International Chemical Industry Exhibition - International Chemical Industry Exhibition, oil and chemical - chemical industry

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