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In simplest language chemical industry is defined as the industry that uses chemistry and manufactures chemicals. Chemicals such as petrochemicals, polymers, plastics, specialty chemicals are an essential component of manufacturing and are crucial to industries such as construction, automotive, electronics, transportation and agriculture.

Careers in the chemical industry are as varied as the people who work there. Chemical industry jobs are mainly divided in two sections one related to manufacturing unit and other related to the distribution unit. Thus, chemical industry jobs encompass from engineers to chemists to sales managers. The chemicals industry has also forged new opportunities in rapidly-developing areas, such as the environment, pharmaceuticals and food and drink, as well as offering more traditional petrochemical jobs. The type of education and training necessary for chemical industry employment depends almost entirely on the chemical job's requirements and job descriptions.

A science graduate/post graduate which specialization in chemistry, biochemistry, biotechnology, biomedicine can find a wide range of opportunities in manufacturing unit areas such as chemical technology, chemical plant processing, quality control, chemical engineering, research and development of new products, etc.

Chemical technicians work in every facet of the chemical process industry, from basic research to hazardous waste management. R & D technicians work in experimental laboratories, process control technicians work in manufacturing or other industrial plants. Technicians operate many kinds of equipment and instrumentation, set up apparatus for chemical reactions, prepare compounds, monitor commercial production, test for product quality, and collect and analyze samples produced through organic synthesis. Technicians also work in data management, quality control, and shipping to provide technical support and expertise for these functions.

All business types require administrators, marketing, sales and customer service expertise to support the financial side of the business. The chemical industry is no exception. For those without science qualifications, a range of opportunities are available at entry level within support and administrative areas and also in departments such as human resources, finance, information technology and sales and marketing, where expansion of the industry has increased opportunities.

Non-technical jobs are available in mainly with the distributors and trading chemical companies. One of the examples of such company is Jay Polychem India Limited. Jay polychem is an International Petrochemical Trading Company engaged in trade & distribution of Aromatics, Petrochemicals, Engineering Plastics & Speciality Chemicals.

The nations trade in chemicals is expanding. From those early years of independence, the Chemical Industry in India continued to contribute to the Economic Growth of Indian Economy. At present the industry accounts for almost 13% of Indian GDP. In terms of volume, India ranks 12th largest producer of chemicals in the world. Also, the agrochemical, petrochemical, and pharmaceutical sectors are amongst the fastest growing in the economy.

Rapid industry growth and a decline in the number of graduates with pure science degree is creating a widening skills gap, which in turn is creating a wide range of employment prospects at the leading employers. This means that there has rarely been a better time to step onto the chemicals career ladder.
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Career In Chemical Industries

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This article was published on 2010/10/10