Chemical spill kits perfect for cleaning up chemical spills

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Chemical spill kits are the best solution for your business. But they can cause many problems  after using without knowledge. Some tips will uncover what to look for before investing in these kits for your business.


You know how chemical spills can cause a lot of problems. Cleaning them up in a hurry is essential. But how to make sure you have everything you need for clean-up right where you need it? That's not too hard. All you need is the right spill kits and you'll be all set.


How do I choose the right kit for my situation?

You need to ask yourself a few questions to figure out which ones will best suit your needs. Specifically, you'll need to decide on size of potential spills, the chemicals involved, and in how many places you might have to store your spill kits.


How big of a spill do you need to prepare for?

The first question you need to ask yourself is this: How big of a spill are you likely to encounter in your facility?


That will depend on how large the stores of chemicals are that you have sitting around or that you're using. If you have a lot of chemicals, you'll need a large kits, but if you're more concerned about leaks or smaller amounts of chemicals, a bucket spill kit might be just the ticket. It would have everything you need to help you clean up any spill fast, and it's small enough to get several and keep it in all the places where you might need it.


Which chemicals might be involved?

This question is key. For the best results, you need to determine which kinds of chemicals might be involved in any potential spills.


If they vary, but they're not too high on the hazardous materials meter, and if they're not likely to spill around bodies of water, you might be best served with a universal spill kit. That way, you'll be prepared for all eventualities with just one type of spill kit.


On the other hand, if your spills tend to involve oil or other hydrocarbon chemicals, and especially if you need to separate that oil from water, you should opt for an oil-only kit.


Finally, if you do deal in highly hazardous materials, you should opt for a hazmat kit.


How many kits should you get?

Finally, you may be wondering how many chemical spill kits you'll need. That depends on the number of places you have where you handle the chemicals that might leak or spill. Remember, it's very important to act fast. And if you have a spill kit on one side of your facility and you need it somewhere else, you'll lose valuable time as you have to run to get it. So do a walk-through and figure out where you might need kits and act accordingly.


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Chemical spill kits perfect for cleaning up chemical spills

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This article was published on 2010/08/03