Pool Chemicals In Vogue – The Polymer Based Products Compete With Chlorine

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For the coming new summer season, the swimming pools are going to be hit by divers and swimmers. These will include people from all age groups – even little toddlers and old people. The regular swimmers and sportspersons will also take a dive into their favorite pools to practice and remain fit for the competitions and tournaments. In such a scenario, it is very important that water treatment is given top priority by all swimming pool owners. Even hoteliers and spa owners need to keep a check on the same thing. It is imperative that the pool chemicals they use are in the right ratio and pose no threat to the health of the swimmers.

The revolution in chemicals used in pools is the chlorine-free products which make it easy for the pool users to enjoy their dip without irritation, odor and ailments (owing to uncontrolled levels). Chlorine is a pungent odor gas which if consumed in higher levels makes it suffocating for the lungs. In fact, tissues of the lungs find it difficult to contain this gas and start burning. Similar problem happens with the bladder, kidney and intestine in case the extra-chlorine containing water is swallowed. The over-exposure to such hazardous water at times leads to ailments such as stones and cancer. It also has negative effect on body secretions. That’s why, the chlorine levels are required to be checked or pool chemicals which come with alternatives such as polymeric bases are required to be used. The proper usage of these chemicals and allied products can ensure good quality of water and its impact on health.

These chemicals usually come in various categories from algaecides to sanitizers to oxidizers, residual oxidizers and other water treatment chemicals such as defoamer, flocculant, filter cleaner, softener, et al. The benefit of these pool chemicals is that they remain unaffected by the sunlight and pH levels. Their capability to reduce the microbial components and organic compounds makes them effective alternatives to the chlorinated products. This makes sure that the health of people diving into the pools remains unaffected and they find it a pleasant experience to be in the water. For them, it is not a matter of feeling that pungent odor or irritating taste, but a clean and infection-free water.
The pool chemicals can be ordered online or shopped at various medical stores. The benefits of purchasing online are reduced costs and free home delivery. In case the chemicals are found to be unsatisfactory, several companies provide replacement and support on proper usage. Since side effects of these chemicals are absent, the usage is always backed even by statutory and health regulatory bodies. Even sportspersons prefer to swim in chlorine free water. For the children, whose bodies are totally not habitual of the chlorinated waters, it is advisable to never use chlorine so that they stay away from ailments incurred from pool chemicals of unregulated type.

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Pool Chemicals In Vogue – The Polymer Based Products Compete With Chlorine

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Pool Chemicals In Vogue – The Polymer Based Products Compete With Chlorine

This article was published on 2013/04/13